Named after a combination of 2 words (Sin= ‘without’ in Spanish, Er=Air) and, at the same time, anagram of Siren, SINER is an Italian-based trio formed in 2020 as a collaborative “effort” between broad-range vocalist Ludovica Manzo, bass player Matteo Bortone, and keyboardist Giulio Stermieri.

Reunited under the members’ past experiences in contemporary jazz, experimental music and pop/rock echoes, their sound blurs the line between fairytale songs, ambient electronics and drone music, delivering compositions soaked in dream-like qualities and nocturnal moods.

As also multi-instrumentalists, each of the band mates takes turns in triggering electronic sounds, creating a mix of collective improvisations based on textures and sonic layers, adding an eerie sense of ethereal in the final mix.

As well as the name of band, recalling the underwater universe, Siner’s moving lyrics create a multitude of images exploring the haunted grandeur of the natural world, of how it affects us and inspires us; a ship takes sudden leave in the middle of the night, a man following restless path of the ants, a necessary search of rivers where tigers can drink.

These imaginary stories intertwine building a repertoire of cinematic sounds.


LUDOVICA MANZO : voice/electronics

MATTEO BORTONE : electric bass/electronics/voice

GIULIO STERMIERI : keys/synth/piano