photos : Emanuele Meschini

“One of the most audacious bands of the new jazz scene”

Djam, France

“A brilliant young quartet, forged by a unique relationship between the musicians”

Jazz Magazine, France

“An astonishing evidence of avant-garde spirit in jazz language”

Sentire Ascoltare, Italy

Italian double bass player/composer, Matteo Bortone is making a name for himself among the rising talents of the newest jazz generation, not only as an instrumentalist but also as a composer and bandleader.

The award as “Best New Talent 2015” held by the journalists of the most important jazz magazine in Italy (Musica Jazz) increases and confirm Matteo’s musical contributions to modern jazz scene.

Since 2008 Matteo has been leading “TRAVELERS”, a french/ Italian band embracing sonic adventures trying to explore the edge between contemporary jazz and rock/pop music. This musical intention is created by bridging a weaving world of contrasts and dialogues between heady melodies, cleverly arranged sweet songs, subtle rhythmic shifts and full-on improvisations where electric and acoustic interwine.

Travelers sound concept is determined by the composition and instrumentation but also by the belief and the will to be a group with the same line-up, a band without prima dona where the artistry and personality of the musicians are revealed throughout Bortone’s repertoire, tailor-made for his companions. Originally conceived as quartet, in 2019 Travelers will experiment new sounds with eclectic keyboardist Yannick Lestra, building up  a new repertoire commissioned by Novara Jazz Festival.

So far, Travelers released 2 albums garnering critical acclaim both in France and Italy receiving important press awards such as “Révélation Jazzman” and “Jazz Découverte” in France as well as “Jazzit likes it” in Italy. Italian JazzIt magazine selected it as one of the 100 greatest jazz albums of 2013. Since then, they toured around Italy, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Taiwan and China.

ANTONIN-TRI HOANG : Alto sax, clarinets


YANNICK LESTRA : Rhodes, Synth

MATTEO BORTONE : Double bass, electric bass, electronics, compositions