Hello everybody, I’m way too excited for this and I’ve been waiting for a long time to reunite with my french/italian 4et ‘Travelers’ ! After receiving a commission by Novara Jazz Festival, I started composing new material for this quartet I’ve been leading since 2008. I was still in Paris at that time, when we started jamming in the rooms of Paris Conservatory.

We released 2 albums so far and we had a break after touring extensively Europe but also China and Taiwan in 2016. So, I couldn’t wait to play again with them and I started composing new songs back in October 2018, this commission was supposed to present a new project so I decided to expand the original quartet by adding Yannick Lestra on rhodes, synth and effects.

We had 3 days residency and the premiere in Novara Jazz and I’m very happy about the result. We have some more shows where we will further explore the new music. Come catch us here !